• Air dehumidifiers for the production of beer

    Air dehumidifiers for the production of beer

    Water is used in beer making at every stage of the  production process. Changes in temperature are characteristic of beer production, the use of air dehumidifiers for beer production in transport, storage and production processes is vital, as well as improving quality in a clean, germ-free environment with humidity and temperature controlled. In mechanical transport,

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  • Drying in the high-quality painting industry

    Drying in the high-quality painting industry

    In an industry as important as the automotive industry, it is crucial that all processes add up, and the final product has a quality that the customer perceives as very positive. Drying in the high-quality painting industry is a very important process because it helps the car look perfect at the end of the assembly line.

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    Modular & Flexible range.
    Adaptable to concrete solutions.
    Highly reiable units with drying capacities from 51 to 152 kg/h and dry air flows from 7.500 to 24.000 m3/h.

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  • DFU


    Fast and soft uniform drying.
    Fast and delicate uniform drying cupboards for clothing employed in a large number of professions and sporting activities.

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  • DFRM


    Modular solutions
    Custom-made solutions for a large number of industrial processes requiring air drying. Robust construction and wide ranging setup possibilities.

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    Ice-free energy lossless.
    Units designed to reduce humidity in refrigerated areas and processes. Leader in its field in terms of its thermal insulation, robust design and energy efficiency.

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  • DFRD


    The compact solution.
    This range completes the B series with an additional fan to increase the specific drying capacity and the available wet air pressure.

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  • DFRC


    Mobile and heavy duty drying.
    Series aimed at temporary drying with a robust chassis and finish to protect against corrosion. Ideal for surface treatment and rental applications.

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  • DFRB


    The compact solution.
    The B series made from stainless steel provides a range of highly compact, robust and portable dehumidifiers for use in the most demanding applications while meeting high reliability and low energy consumption needs.

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  • DFRA


    A wide range of Solutions.
    Highly reliable units with drying capacities from 4 to 42 kg/h and dry air flows from 450 to 6.000 m3/h.

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