Forced cooling in steam turbines and advanced preservation

Forced cooling in steam turbines and advanced preservation systems, reduce steam turbine natural cold downtime by 40% with a significant saving in staff time and maintenance.

The system gives flexibility in starting, so the plant is operational again in a short space of time.

The system developed by Fisair, the Super Dryer, has two main functions: Forced Cooling in steam turbines and advanced preservation.

As well as using it for the turbine, its portability means it can be used for preservation: HRSG, steam turbine, pipes, gas turbine, condenser.

DFRC-0500E PLUS desiccant rotor air dehumidifiers (Super Dryer)
This product can be operated with any steam turbine.
Modifications can be made according to the project to comply with final customer specifications. All details are analysed in each of the projects.

Customer benefits and main advantages:

  1. Quick installation of cooling equipment with a minimum of personnel. Easy transport systems to the temporary location.
  2. Up to 50-60% reduction in cooling time from the ST strip.
  3. Overall reduction in downtime for inspection, revision or repair, whether maintenance is planned or not.
  4. Cooling assured and monitored for the steam turbine.
  5. Cooling air flows in the opposite direction to the steam flow in operation to maintain thermal stress and minimise consumption time.
  6. Forced cooling with steam (preparation time) not needed before shutdown; this also reduces unnecessary rotor compression effort.
  7. Reduction in the number of preservation systems to a single component for the entire circuit.
  8. Proportional humidity control by solid state relay in reactivation and flow through integrated frequency inverter.
  9. Circuit components can be maintained can be maintained.
  10. Preserved systems include the HP/IP/LP steam turbine, condenser and the boiler.

Success stories

Fisair has been supplied in several places around the world:
Birdsboro (USA), Carrinton (UK), El Bracho (Argentina), Tzafit/Ashalim (Israel), Mannheim (Germany), Vantaa (Finland), Tanjung (Malaysia).

Fisair is committed to a high quality product, which also includes the following services:

  • Equipment rental
  • Technical assistance
  • Replacement parts
  • Warranty extensión
  • Training

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