After-Sales Service

Fisair places at your disposal an extensive technical after-sales support network, providing international coverage to resolve technical incidents of any kind across our wide product range, thereby ensuring our customers can trust us 100%.

Fisair offers installation and set-up as part of the terms of sale of all our units and training during this process for the personnel who will be in charge of maintaining the unit or property. We strive to assist our customers to ensure that every installation is carried out successfully.

International coverage

  • África
  • América
  • Asia
  • Europe
  • Oceanía
  • Smooth operation of the unit from the moment it is set up.
  • Prevents premature degrading of units.
  • Ensures minimum levels of power consumption.
  • Fewer problems for installations or processes.
  • Smooth integration with the building or process control system.
  • No safety issues for operatives or users.


For the guarantee implementation procedure, you can review the general conditions of sale of all Fisair products in the downloadable document.

You can then use the web form to send us your authorization to send material under the guarantee or our call-out personnel.

Replacement parts


Purchasing original Fisair replacement parts ensures our products’ durability.


Extensive stock of replacement parts to meet our customers’ needs at all times.


Fisair guarantees the quality of its products and undertakes to resolve any component or replacement part supplied with any anomaly.