Desiccant rotor for metal surface protection

In the shipbuilding and oil industries, and in the metal coating industry in general, several layers of paint must be applied to the outer steel surface to protect it from corrosion. The use of air dehumidifiers with desiccant rotor for metal surface protection is the most effective solution because of its great capacity and immunity to the external temperature.

To apply the paint to the most vulnerable part and leave no trace of rust, the coating process requires a pre-treatment process to eliminate rust and clean it, which leaves the metal highly vulnerable to corrosion until the protective paint is applied.  The humidity of the air around the steel at this moment must be controlled in order that the coating manufacturer can guarantee its useful life.

Among the many air drying processes, desiccant rotor technology has been shown to be the one that best combines the lowest installation costs with the widest range of application and lowest operating costs.

For these processes, FISAIR has developed specific air dehumidifiers with desiccant rotor – the DFRC series, which it has been supplying to highly reputed end customers and applicators for over twenty years. With protective frame and roof for movable or temporary applications.

The equipment of this series is portable and is designed to be highly resistant to the aggressive environments in which it is used.  In addition, it is equipped with a simple comprehensive control unit to ensure that the operation of the process is safe and efficient.

As an example of its application, FISAIR supplied 12 DFRC 2100-E and 4 DFRC-1300-E units to the NAVALIA shipyard, for the control of humidity inside the tanks of methane cargo vessels, during the process of coating the inside of liquid natural gas (LNG) tanks. 

Deshumidificador de aire DFRC

DFRC air dehumidifier

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