Evaporative coolers in Data processing centers

Data centers must maintain controlled ambient humidity levels to prevent electrostatic shocks and the deterioration of components. What is more, these centers require a large amount of interior heat dissipation, which in dry climates can often be achieved by means of the use of direct evaporative coolers.

FISAIR’s hygienic evaporative coolers have been employed to this end in several state-of-the-art facilities of this kind.

Almost all internal loads in data processing centers (DC’s) are sensible loads. It is a high thermal load produced by the large amount of internal heat given off by machines operating 24/7. The increase in the number of these facilities has come as a surprise to all current industrial sectors and economies, while at the same time leading to the development of alternatives to traditional cooling systems, to reduce the large amount of energy used for cooling by these centers worldwide .

According to current ASHRAE DC design recommendations, suitable values are 18-27°C dry bulb temperature and 5.5°C dew point to 60% RH and 15°C dew point. Under these conditions, free air cooling may be sufficient in many cold places. In addition, in places with hot and dry summers, direct adiabatic cooling systems are a great help in reducing energy use through low water consumption.

There are several adiabatic cooling solutions on the market. FISAIR is committed to being the most appropriate option by using evaporative coolers with an HEF contact panel.

  • HEF2E maximum efficiency hygienic systems for air handling units (AHU)

For large DC’s, where water consumption, low pressure drop and hygienic facilities are essential, the VDI6022 certified HEF2E has been shown to be the best option for  many latest technology air handling unit manufacturers.

  • Evaporative coolers for inline installation for small DC’s with additional external air cooling capacity needs: HEF3-CAD series

The simple high-efficiency incombustible hygienic panel systems work with direct water without recirculation. They are therefore very simple to control, quick and economical to install and suitable for limited floor heights.

  • Evaporative coolers to increase air-liquid condensation performance: HEF7 series

In large facilities, where summer peaks can lead to damage and excessive energy consumption. The simple installation of the coolers next to the condensing unit coils have been shown to greatly reduce energy consumption and problems. They are designed with a special very low pressure drop panel.

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