Industrial evaporative humidifiers. Boiler steam exchange humidification system. Diphusair Air Humidifiers Diphusair VXV

VxV series DIPHUSAIR Industrial evaporative humidifiers work using a heat exchanger composed of copper pipes. Boiler steam circulates through the pipes to provide the heat required to generate clean steam from drinking/decalcified or deionized water. The heat transmission process works by conduction and convection in nucleate boiling phase.

A specific DIPHUSAIR VxV humidifier is chosen for each application to ensure the desired humidity level is obtained easily, reliably and permanetly, and for very reasonable operating cost.

Industrial evaporative humidifiers Diphusair VxV Features:

    • Operation based on a copper pipe heat exchanger, through which boiler steam circulates, to provide the necessary heat to generate clean steam from drinking / decalcified / deionised water.
    • The heat transfer process occurs by conduction and convection in the nucleate boiling phase.
    • Total absence of contamination and contact between the drinking water and the boiler steam.
    • Nickel plated heating coil to further increase resistance to corrosion.
    • Simple, reliable and constant production of humidify at moderate operating costs.
    • For deionized water, the filing valve is a float valve, there is no solenoid filing valve, the draning valve is manual and the level control is by means of a buoy detector.

Industrial Evaporative Humidifiers Diphusair VxV

Clean steam and environment

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