• Humidity control in museums and libraries

    Humidity control in museums and libraries

    The air-conditioning systems in old buildings are not always able to maintain the air conditions required for the conservation of certain materials, humidity control in museums and libraries is vital in these cases. What sort? Old books, dried animals and animal parts, dried plants, textile materials, paper, paint on canvas and parchments, photographs, films, wooden

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  • Record Storage & Manufacturing

    Record Storage & Manufacturing

    Air humidity content can affect the record storage and manufacturing depending on many factors, such as: length of the storage time, type of the films, type of image and their value. An excess of humidity could damage the film and their base in both black and white or colour images. The film manufacturing process is

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  • Less is more: DFRIGO series

    Less is more: DFRIGO series

    Less is more: DFRIGO series. Less ice, more safety and energy efficiency. Units designed to reduce the humidity of refrigerated chambers or processes. Highly thermally insulated, robust design and energy efficiency leader in its field. What problems do ice and condensation cause you? SAFETY Ice and water spills on the floor: These can lead, at

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  • Off-shore wind turbines

    Off-shore wind turbines

    The wind power industry, particularly off-shore wind turbines, faces a host of challenges in which the weather conditions and the surrounding environment impact directly on the quality and performance of aerogenerators. A major problem is the presence of environments and conditions with excessive humidity levels, above the level of resistance of the materials with which

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