Electric heater isothermal self-generating steam humidifiers. Similar to the electrode option but used for any supply water quality. Proportional control of electric isothermal humidifiers in Fisair.


    • For inmediate deliveries.
    • Electric humidifiers with Modbus and BACnet communication option.
    • Option for cooling device for the draining water.
    • Compact design with optimal access to components.
    • Hygienic and safe.
    • Easy maintenance.
    • Reusable plastic cylinder.
    • Use with different water qualities.
    • Maximum energy efficiency.
    • Highly efficient at very competitive prices.
    • Control by high-tech microprocessor.
    • Compact, it takes up little space.
    • Self-adaptive water management.
    • Hygienic humidification with steam without minerals.

Electric Isothermal Humidifiers Diphusair Resistance

Easy and accurate

electric isothermal humidifiers

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