Isothermal self-producer steam humidifiers by submerged electrodes. Resistant, compact, economic and precise. It has a wide selection of dispersion systems in accordance with the absorption distance.


    • For inmediate deliveries.
    • Modbus, BACnet and LonTalk interoperability.
    • User-selectable drain water tempering.
    • Compact in size to fit into small spaces, with Anti-rust attractive cabinet for finished-space applications.
    • High Quality controller with web interface & USB port.
    • Clean steam hygienic humidification.
    • Among the most affordable humidification systems to purchase and install.
    • Designed to enable easy maintenance and a long operating life.
    • Wide range for industrial, commercial or cultural facilities.
    • Disperses steam into ductwork or open spaces.
    • Unique electrodes design to achieve the best performance.
    • Accurate, responsive RH control with PID tuning for maximum performance.

Diphusair Electrode

Guaranteed quality and energy efficiency

Hygienic steam humidifier electrode double

Technical documentation