Electrode steam humidfiers 

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The Diphusair Electrode humidifiers are self-produced clean steam humidifiers with immersed electrodes.

Electrode steam humidifiers are isothermal, i.e. they use the electrical conductivity properties of water. In contrast to resistance humidifiers, in which the water is converted into steam by heating elements, in electrode steam humidifiers the water is heated by immersed electrodes. The water used in this process is tap water. The equipment is equipped with elements that help to extend the maintenance intervals and thus extend the operating life of the cylinder. In our humidifiers, the components are reusable, which also means interesting savings for the consumer.

The Diphusair Electrode steam humidifiers have a compact structure that is easily accessible to the user so that maintenance is quick and simple. In addition, Fisair is committed to top quality components, resulting in precise, resistant and adjustable humidifiers that also have a long life and a very competitive price in the market.

There are three types of Diphusair Electrode clean steam humidifiers:

Diphusair SL
Diphusair FL
Diphusair DE

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Diphusair Electrode steam humidifiers features:

    • Immediate delivery.
    • Modbus and BACnet communication option.
    • Option for cooling device for drain water.
    • Compact design in corrosion resistant stainless steel.
    • Reusable steam cylinder.
    • Intelligent microprocessor electronic control.
    • Hygienic humidification with clean steam.
    • High efficiency at very competitive prices.
    • High power discharge pump.
    • Large surface stainless steel electrodes.
    • Designed for easy maintenance and long operating life.

Applications in different industries include

Easy and accurate

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