Air Humidity Control Products

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Diphusair air humidifiers

Hygienic diphusair air humidifiers capable of high-precision relative humidity control of the air. Diphusair air humidifiers are easy, simple and very intuitive work. Air Humidity control products, with section-customized units, and more.

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DF air dehumidifiers

DF Air Dehumidifiers has a large number of industrial materials and processes require dry air. FISAIR also offers a wide range of equipment, condensing air dehumidifiers, for dehumidification and ventilation of swiming pools and industrial processes.

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HEF evaporative coolers

Dry air has a huge natural capacity for cooling by exchanging heat for water. Low energy consumption operating principle. The Fisair Selection Tool, for evaporative coolers it is a unique seleciton tool in the market.