integrated policy

The integrated policy of Fisair SLU’s Management System is the basis of the commitment of the company’s management to the quality management of our products and services, the protection of the environment, the care of people’s health and safety, as well as the efficient management of energy.



FISAIR has adopted the international standard ISO 9001 as a roadmap to achieve excellence in quality. Our organization goes beyond mere compliance; we internalize this standard, ensuring a structured approach to quality management and precisely meeting the needs of our customers.


In FISAIR, we not only comply with the international ISO 14001 standard but also embrace its essence as an integral part of our philosophy. This standard helps us identify and manage our environmental impacts effectively, ensuring full compliance with environmental regulations while promoting sustainability.


Health and Safety

FISAIR has successfully embraced the international standard ISO 45001, showcasing an unwavering commitment to workplace safety. Our organization not only meets the requirements of this standard but integrates it into our culture, providing a solid foundation for identifying and controlling workplace risks while ensuring strict compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

Social and Governance

At FISAIR, we uphold a strong Code of Ethics and Compliance framework, guiding our actions, ensuring legal adherence, and promoting integrity and equality in all aspects of our business. Trust us to operate transparently and responsibly, fostering a reliable and ethical environment for all stakeholders.