Fisair offers the opportunity to study your equipment and suggest low cost improvements that offer you many advantages, including the following:

    • Significantly reduce energy and fluid consumption.
    • Extend the life of the installed equipment without having to replace it, if the majority of the structure is in good condition.
    • Update control to new standards and communication system.

Diphusair air humidifiers

DF air dehumidifiers

evaporative coolers

HEF evaporative coolers

Energy efficiency

The current global demands for energy efficiency are a challenge to which Fisair rises. Our R&D team in conjunction with our technicians, develop on a day to day basis, systems to obtain the optimum results in reducing the energy consumption of all of our equipment and design specifications.

Robust and energy efficient equipment.

The savings are not only in the price but also in the consumption of resources as we optimize the energy bill and reduce the overall cost of your operation.

Fisair invests in research to achieve excellence in humidifying and dehumidifying technology and processes.

We offer our customers the most sustainable, durable and efficient designs, combining your specifications with the very latest changes in industrial trends.

We are backed by more than 50 years of experience in this sector with an unblemished track record. Our commitment to both environmental and business responsibilities throughout, has gained us industry recognition and a wealth of references.