Hygienic diphusair air Humidifiers capable of high-precision relative humidity control of the air.

    They employ different energy sources:

    • Plant steam, electricity or heat transfer fluids.
    • We ensure specific absorption distances for the steam in the dry air flow.
    • We supply section-customized units with delivery deadlines suited to manufacturers.
    • We provide selection and assessment software in conjunction with a DLL for integration with external software.

    The Fisair Selection Tool, for hygienic diphusair air humidifiers, it is a unique selection tool in the market. With this tool it is possible to select the best solution for each especific project and application.

    Easy, simple and very intuitive work it allows to select in a few minutes several units for one or more projects and print it all the same document.

    Provide technical drawings and allow AHUs OEMs to know exactly the space they need to install.

    Contains a library with documentation to allow the AHUs OEMs to develop a fast and independent work.

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Range of equipment

Diphusair ASC

Superheated water heat exchange humidification systems.

Diphusair Electrode

Isothermal self-producer steam humidifiers by submerged electrodes; resistant, compact, economic and precise. It has a stainless steel chassis, controller and wide selection of dispersion systems in accordance with the absorption distance.

Diphusair FSH

Steam injection humidifiers system designed for work with pressurized boiler steam, with double jacketed piping and steam separator. Air humidification systems.

Diphusair Resistance

Electric heater isothermal sefl-generating steam humidifiers. Similar to the electrode option but used for any supply water quality. Proportional control.

Diphusair VxV

Boiler steam exchange humidification system.

Humidifiers accessories

Humidifiers accessories for steam dispersion systems for operating with unpressurized steam generated by the isothermal steam self-generators.

Steam injection system Diphusair MT2

Steam injection/dispersion system for working with pressurised boiler steam or unpressurised steam generated by isothermal steam humidifiers.

Fisair Selection Tool

The Fisair selection programme for Diphusair air humidifiers


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Description and advantages:

    • The Fisair selection programme, is the only selection tool of its kind on the market. This tool makes it possible to select the best solution for each specific project and application.
    • You can print a detailed “Technical Specifications Statement” containing all the technical data required for the selection of the unit and to set up the unit for rollout and operation. The list price is included in each selection.
    • It is easy, quick and highly intuitive to use. In a few short minutes several units for one or more projects can be selected and printed out in the same document.
    • It provides technical drawings and lets unit manufacturers ascertain the exact space required for the installation of the humidifier in question.

    It contains a library of documentation (reference example, connections, drawings, commercial leaflet and technical manual) so original equipment manufacturers can carry out their work quickly and independently.

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