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+34 91 692 15 14

    • Fisair offers a highly responsive and extensive technical support service, providing a network of international specialists to solve any type of query that could affect our whole range of equipment.
    • Our customers can benefit from a wide range of services, with the installation and commissioning of units, specialized training, telephone support, remote monitoring, and replacement parts, among others.
    • These services require a wealth of specialization in the field of moisture control to optimize the design, build and operation of your units.
    • Our wish is to be able to assist and support our customers throughout the life of their installation, continuing more than 50 years of tradition, as our many references will attest.

Technical team

    • The Fisair Group has an international team of professionals, specialized and experienced in systems and equipment for the control of environmental moisture.
    • Our technicians are extensively trained and have at their disposal up to the minute technology to assist with all aspects of the service they are providing. The results of their work are within the Fisair guarantee.
    • All members of the after-sales team are highly trained in Health and Safety and risk prevention and are aware of all the legal requirements for safeguarding personal, environmental and equipment safety.
    • Fisair has the exclusive technical knowledge required to support all queries that may arise in the systems and equipment we manufacture. The instruments are fully calibrated and connected to the group’s service center for monitoring and analysis.