Water atomisation equipment

Adiabatic humidification and cooling systems

The AtomSpray water atomisation equipment consists of an aerosol spray in the form of a mist that allows dry air to be cooled and humidified quickly. It is an adiabatic wetting and cooling system that uses compressed air as the driving fluid for the atomisation of the water. By mixing water and air under pressure through the atomising nozzles, an aerosol is obtained that is easily absorbed by the air. This is why the dry air is cooled and moistened so quickly.

The advantages of this type of Atomspray water atomisation equipment are innumerable. Water consumption is reduced by up to 55% compared to other high-pressure humidifiers. The quality of our systems means that they can operate with almost any potable water supply, unlike other humidifiers that require decalcified or demineralised water to prevent blockage of the nozzles. Electrical energy consumption is also reduced to a minimum of 92% compared to resistance or electrode humidifiers.

In addition, Atomspray water atomisation systems are very hygienic as they do not have water storage trays, but a closed water/compressed air circuit that minimises the risk of water contamination. The advantages of these systems are completed by their easy installation and low maintenance requirements.

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The efficiency of its design, the quality of its materials and the multiple advantages it offers make the Atomspray system the best solution for quickly cooling or humidifying the dry air present in fruit preservation chambers, wine cellars and cheese production and maturing halls, among other industrial processes.

AtomSpray Water Atomization System Features:

    • Spray system benefits high quality and low consumption, reduces up to 55%, compared with other high-pressure humidifiers.
    • Hygienic, works from a closed water/compressed air circuit, use of inorganic materials.
    • Low maintenance, self-cleaning mechanism.
    • Easy to install.

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Adiabatic humidification and cooling systems