Resistance steam humidifiers 

Easy and accurate


Diphusair Resistance clean steam humidifiers are self-produced clean steam humidifiers using a water heating system with electrical elements, in particular heating elements. It can be concluded that the operation is the same as Electrode humidifiers but, instead of using electrodes and the conductivity of the water to produce steam, it is done through heating elements.

The steam production process in this type of humidifier is carried out by means of heating elements, which is why it does not depend on the conductive properties of the water and any type of water quality can be used, i.e. drinking water or demineralised water.

One of the advantages of this type of clean steam humidifier is that it regulates the humidification process precisely and proportionally. In addition, they are robust, high-precision and compact devices of the highest quality at a very competitive price.

There are three types of Diphusair Resistance clean steam humidifiers:

Diphusair DR
Diphusair SL
Diphusair FL
Diphusair FL PLUS

All of them offer quality solutions for the humidification of any space.

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Diphusair Resistance steam humidifiers features:

    • Immediate delivery.
    • Modbus and BACnet communication option.
    • Option for cooling device for drain water.
    • Compact design with optimum access to components.
    • Hygienic and safe.
    • Easy maintenance.
    • Reusable plastic cylinder.
    • Use with different water qualities.
    • Maximum energy efficiency.
    • High efficiency at competitive prices.
    • High-tech microprocessor control.

Applications in different industries include:

Easy and accurate