Fisair, from Physics of Air. Comment on the adsorption process of our systems, without chemical exchange or deliquescence. Unlike the adsorption process, it involves a long product life cycle.


    • 1969, TECNISECO INGENIEROS is founded in Madrid. Its founding partners are the brothers José, Juan and Rafael Boeta.
    • The initial object of the Company is the marketing of steam lance purge equipment and humidifiers. Steam and water filtration equipment is also supplied. This equipment is mainly supplied to the petrochemical industry and nuclear power plants.
    • 1972, the field of air treatment is extended with desiccant rotor air dehumidification.
    • Industrial multinationals found great benefits in controlling the air humidity of their industrial processes. Many companies increased the quality and efficiency of production through a humidity-controlled environment. The quality demands of these companies’ processes made these installations always a challenge. All phases were critical: design, supply and maintenance of humidity control systems and equipment, air humidifiers and dehumidifiers. Thanks to this joint development, the founders of the group to which Fisair belongs, from its Spanish parent company, were able to combine technical rigour with quality and flexibility in each application, each very different from the other.
    • 1975, electric humidification equipment starts to be supplied.
    • Health care and conventional building air conditioning technicians realised the importance of humidity control for air quality and its effects on the human beings who occupy buildings for many hours. It was then that large companies in the air conditioning sector, with no previous experience in air humidity control, contacted our group to jointly develop integrated solutions for their air conditioners.
    • 1994, FISAIR is founded, owned by the Boeta brothers and Pedro R. Ramos. FISAIR’s object is the manufacture of air treatment equipment, especially humidifiers, dehumidifiers, as well as evaporative air coolers and air/air heat exchangers. That same year, the internationalisation of the company began with the design and manufacture of an air dehumidifier for a gelatine drying tunnel destined for Taiwan with a dry air flow of 70,000 m3/h.
    • 1994 – 1997, the first standard series of DFR dehumidifiers and HEF evaporative humidifiers are designed.
    • 1997, begins the design and manufacture of steam injection, generation and dispersion systems, later called the DIPHUSAIR series.
    • 2005, international turnover exceeds domestic turnover.
    • 2012-2013, Pedro R. Ramos leaves the shareholding and the Boeta family takes 100% ownership. There is a change in the management team and a strategic change in the company. Investment in innovation, quality, production efficiency and international expansion is increased.
    • 2014, the first version of the Fisair Selection Tool selection software and the DFRIGO series are launched.
    • 2015, ISO 9001 certification is obtained.
    • 2016, the production area is expanded by 1250 m2 to a total of 4250 m2. The new hall will be used for the production of desiccant rotor air dehumidifiers.
    • 2017, The DFLEX series is launched. Fisair opens subsidiaries in North and South America.
    • 2018, Unification of Tecniseco and Fisair into a single brand to achieve synergies and enhance the best customer service.
    • 2019, Fisair starts operations in the UK through its subsidiary Fisair UK.
    • 2021, Creation of the subsidiaries Fisair USA, Fisair France and Fisair Germany.
    • Creation of Fisair American Manufacturing, an industrial company based in Puebla, Mexico. This plant manages industrial operations for North America, the Caribbean and Central America.
    • 2023, Expansion of the Puebla and Madrid plants to 17,500 m2 to meet the growing demand from different sectors such as energy and automotive.

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description of the company

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We improve the well-being of people and the progress of industries through air humidity control.


To become an international benchmark through a committed team capable of offering high quality and innovation in services and products, while respecting the environment.


  • Customer satisfaction

    Our processes and products are based on delivering value to the customer. We must continuously know the level of variability and control it so that we do not stray from them.

  • Commitment to business results

    We only secure our future by making profits. Profits come from our ability to adapt our competitiveness to the demands of the market.

  • Staff satisfaction

    The main driver and creator of this added value are the people who work at Fisair. Their ability and creativity depend on their motivation and satisfaction with the company. We must take care of these aspects at first hand.

  • Teamwork

    We will only achieve the goals we set for ourselves when we all put our efforts and dedication in the same direction and when we help and complement each other. We accept criticism of our actions and use it as a reflective element that allows us to continue to develop as people and as professionals. Critical action will always be carried out in the strictest confidence.

  • Added value based on knowledge and technology

    We work to offer new or better solutions with lower energy consumption. We add value to society and industry.

  • Respect, honesty and trust

    Acting in accordance with what is expected of us as people who are fair, who honour agreements and who have the utmost respect for others. Openly expressing our differences and any aspects that could damage our relationships is the way to maintain harmony and cohesion among us.

  • Commitment to the company

    Emotional and intellectual involvement with the organisation. By respecting all the internal regulations, we will eliminate inequalities and achieve a more satisfactory coexistence.

  • Impact on society and the planet

    We care for the health and well-being of people and the environment around us. We must protect our future and be aware of our impact.

  • Asset protection and legacy

    Care for our legacy and working assets on which we base our daily business and the product we deliver to our customers. We facilitate transmission and guidance from the most experienced to new team members.

  • Leadership

    All these values must be implemented in the structure and communicated to our clients through the leadership of the people who are the reference at Fisair. Without this leadership, the strategy and these values will remain on paper.

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letter from the director

Dear friends,

Thank you for visiting our website. Since 1969, FISAIR has extensive experience in designing, manufacturing and operating air humidity control equipment. We know that controlling humidity is essential for human health, many industrial processes and most of the materials around us.

To be able to offer value to many different types of businesses, Fisair offers state-of-the-art technology at competitive prices. We excel in design flexibility with high manufacturing quality.

Fisair belongs to a group of industrial companies with strong financial strength. We are fortunate to have received this legacy and maintain financial stability as one of our pillars.

We have a huge list of references from industrial customers in many parts of the world who endorse the work of the great professionals who make up FISAIR.

Fisair is a global company. The extensive international sales and after-sales network makes Fisair a global service: our customers are well looked after in every corner of the world.

We invite you to try the experience of improving your processes or increasing your productivity with equipment that will only bring you benefits and through a team with values.

Juan Boeta, CEO

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