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We pride ourselves on the excellence of our products and the breadth of our network of collaborators committed to quality, strengthening our global presence to provide specialized attention and comprehensive coverage.

With an international presence in all continents, we extend our services beyond our subsidiaries, providing global solutions to customers in various corners of the world:

In the Americas, we have assisted to countries such as Argentina, Peru, Chile, Ecuador and Paraguay.

In Europe, our factories, subsidiaries and sales partners, strategically distributed throughout the continent, have provided assistance to countries such as Romania, the Czech Republic, Italy, Iceland, Poland and Finland.

We have also achieved a robust presence in Asia, bringing Fisair equipment to countries such as South Korea, Turkey, China, India, Bangladesh, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

In Africa, we serve customers in countries such as Algeria, Burkina Faso, Morocco and Tunisia, solidifying our presence in the continent.

Finally, in Oceania, our Fisair equipment is used by customers in Australia and New Zealand.

We extend our gratitude to each of our subsidiaries, partners, and customers for contributing to Fisair’s success on the international stage.

Fisair’s global presence guarantees reliable solutions tailored to the needs of our customers worldwide!

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