Evaporative  air coolers

Low height solution

The hygienic range of HEF3-CAD evaporative coolers allows these systems to be used for the reduction of energy consumption in suspended ceilings in commercial premises, offices and public buildings such as museums and libraries.

These coolers have 3 main advantages: very easy installation and maintenance, maximum performance at minimum operating cost and high efficiency of heat recovery in the return air.

Thanks to the quality of the humidification panel consisting of non-combustible corrugated fibreglass sheets, the panel remains free of odours from both chemical and organic products and bacteria or microbes. In addition, it has a geometric surface with minimal pressure drop and a high humidification capacity that provides optimum high saturation efficiency.

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Evaporative Air Cooler HEF3-CAD Advantages:

    • For running water and piped installation.
    • Air currents of up to 3,700 m3/h without droplet carry-over.
    • Maximum performance with minimal operating costs.
    • Easy to install and maintain.
    • High heat recovery efficiency in the return air.

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Applications in different industries include:

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Commertial building

control de humedad en museos y bibliotecas

Museums, Libraries and Archives

Low height solution

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