DFRC series

Desiccant dehumidifiers

Mobile and heavy duty drying


The desiccant dehumidifiers in our DFRC range offer a mobile and robust solution for drying the humidity in the environment. They are silica gel or silica gel desiccant rotor air dehumidifiers, manufactured in a compact, self-supporting unit, which makes them a very convenient option for installation in any room.

Furthermore, DFRC desiccant dehumidifiers are robust constructions prepared for aggressive environments and outdoor installations. They are made with a protective frame and canopy in high quality structural steel, which makes them the best option for the preservation of thermal power plants, the forced cooling of steam turbines and for the application of anti-corrosion paint.

DFRC | Air dehumidifiers for outdoor environments | Fisair

The operation of these dehumidifiers is very reliable and simple, despite the fact that they are equipped with motor-fans, air filters, flow regulation dampers, reactivation battery by means of armoured resistors and electrical protection and control panel.

Fisair has a wide range of dehumidifiers to meet the different needs of storage, maintenance, distribution and production processes in different activities and sectors. We also offer customised solutions to achieve the best environmental conditions, always prioritising the quality, effectiveness and efficiency of our equipment.

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Features of DFRC desiccant dehumidifiers:

    • Drying capacities from 9 to 106 kg/h (*) and dry air flow rates from 1,200 to 15,000 m3/h.
    • Robust construction for harsh environments and weathering.
    • Simple and reliable operation.
    • High static pressures available.

Applications in different industries include:


Power plant preservation


Thermal plants forced cooling and advanced preservation


Anti-corrosion paint application

Mobile and resistant drying

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