Adiabatic cooling system for air-condensed water chillers. High efficiency panel with minimal pressure drop. Evaporative Coolers, a natural cooling solution.

The adiabatic cooling of our systems enables a reduction in the energy consumption of water cooling of up to 20%. Its use prevents frequent faults caused by high pressure in extreme working temperatures.

Cooler sections composed of:

    • Adiabatic cooling system has high efficiency organic or inorganic evaporative panel in stainless steel frame.
    • Pump unit (tank, level switch, motor-valves and flow regulator)
    • Control panel (IP-55 protection, protections, luminous display and estate indicator).
    • Opcional: communication with BMS and water conductivity control to minimize consumption.

HEF7 series

Adiabatic cooling system

Adiabatic cooling system for air-condensed water chillers | Fisair

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