Adiabatic Cooling for Air-Condensed Liquid Chillers

The adiabatic cooling of our systems allows a reduction in energy consumption in water cooling of up to 40%. The use of these systems prevents frequent failures by high pressure in extreme working temperatures.


Efficiency Increase and Overload Protection in Chillers

Design temperatures, based on historical data, may not be relevant now as we see new summer highs occurring all around the world. These auxiliary systems have been designed to avoid overpressure failures in the refrigeration circuit, that render the cooling installation of a building or industry useless. By installing these systems, we avoid having to replace a chiller that still has a useful life of over thirty years of service.

In addition, the energy consumption of the facility can be improved by up to 40%, significantly reducing costs and making our company a benchmark in environmental protection.

Also, if you should wish to upgrade the cooling facility, it is possible, by installing the HEF7 system, that we may be able to significantly increase the capacity of the chiller.

Advantages of the Adiabatic Cooling System:

  • Operation in peaks outside of the design envelope.
  • Increase efficiency with reduced energy consumption.
  • Significant operational savings.
  • Increased chiller durability.
  • Possibility of increasing the installation without acquiring a new chiller.
  • Protecting assets by supplying cold air instead of water like other water atomizing systems.

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