Steam generator humidifiers

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ASC self-generating humidifiers humidify the air by heat exchange with superheated water.

How does it work? The DIPHUSAIR ASC series air humidifiers work on the basis of a coil heat exchanger, through which superheated boiler water circulates, providing the necessary heat to generate clean steam from the potable, decalcified or deionised water. 

One of the main advantages of this type of humidifier is the absence of water contamination as the drinking water used does not come into contact with the superheated water at any time. 

Diphusair ASC steam generator humidifiers are one of the best options for maintaining air humidity because of the following features.

diphusair ASC

At Fisair we have professionals who install our equipment as quickly as possible. Our humidifiers are guaranteed to have better control and greater capacity than other humidifiers on the market. In addition, they do not require water refilling operations, which makes them efficient devices at a technical level, but also simple and convenient for the user in terms of maintenance and operation.

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    • Operation based on a heat exchanger in the form of a coil, through which the superheated boiler water circulates, providing the necessary heat to generate clean steam from the drinking water.
    • The heat transfer process takes place by conduction and convection in nucleated boiling phase.
    • Total absence of contamination and contact of drinking water with superheated water.
    • Coil with external nickel-plated treatment to further increase corrosion resistance.
    • Simple, reliable and permanent moisture production at moderate operating costs.

Applications in different industries include:

Superheated water heat exchange humidification systems.

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