Starting up moisture control equipment requires specialized knowledge, but having a technician come out to your facility can be costly. Fisair offers a technical helpline. By using this service, highly qualified technicians will contact their field staff to guide, or even monitor the condition of the equipment through remote connection tools.

In many industries, the technical qualification level of the workforce itself is sufficient to carry out the basic commissioning and maintenance tasks required by the Fisair range.Having our technicians, with their specific knowledge of the equipment, on the end of a helpline to guide and advise can give the confidence needed to complete these tasks successfully first time, every time.

    • Introducing Connect 360°, the most powerful and innovative moisture control tool which shapes the future of how we understand the effects of climate control.
    • Connect 360⁰ is our advanced Internet Based Monitoring System which gives you a complete view of what’s happening with and around your FISAIR units.
    • IBMS is our most important development of the 21st century, and of course, our units cannot be left behind. Thanks to digitization we are in the middle of a significant transformation, in terms of how we interact with our environment.
    • With a complete network of sensors, electronics, state-of-the-art computing, and cloud-based software we are always at the forefront of Industry.
    • Connect 360⁰ is all about sustainability and moisture control and can be found in countless applications. We understand that each process is unique, therefore monitoring the unit’s performance specifically for your process becomes crucial.
    • With our built-in IBMS platform, you can live-monitor all your remotely installed devices. You are able to view all the parameters that the unit controls and ensure that they are within tolerances.
    • If the unit needs any assistance or intervention, we will let you know as soon as possible, through automatic notifications.

Expert Control
Expert Control

Because this system is unique, as time passes the system learns and the program becomes smarter. Connect 360° will let you know when it is the best time to replace parts or carry out preventive/corrective maintenance. It will keep you informed with updates and even discounts and promotions, saving you time and money. You will always be one step ahead

With this service you can rest assured that you are not alone. Combining Connect 360° with our highly trained technical staff and professional after-sales service, you’re with a team you can trust, and we guarantee the performance of all our equipment.

  • Real-time monitoring and remote control of your units.

  • Prompt notifications of required interventions.

  • Automatic checking of the equipment.

  • Money saving through preventive maintenance.

  • Emergency corrective maintenance.

  • The combined knowledge and experience of the entire Fisair team.

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