Air dehumidifier with desiccant rotor. This range completes the B series with an additional fan to increase the specific drying capacity and the available wet air pressure. Other models air dehumidifier.

Air dehumidifier with desiccant rotor Features:

    • Drying capacities from 3 to 4.2 kg/h (*) and dry air currents from 300 to 700 m3/h.
    • Double fan for deep drying in closed circuit.
    • Stainless steel compact series, ready for operation.
    • Intelligent heaters.

    Designed to occupy a minimum of space, these compact stainless steel units incorporate a silica gel dessicant rotor.

    This provides maximum efficiency in retaining molecules of water vapour extracted from process air flow while the rotation assures continuous and uniform drying.

Air dehumidifier with desiccant rotor DFRD series

The compact solution

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