Fisair is a leading company in the field of humidification control with a broad infrastructure for the manufacture of equipment and solutions to add value to society, with systems that control air humidity according to changing conditions; systems with a level of control of power consumption and hygiene, by precisely controlling multiple parameters.

We also help to boost the performance and quality of many industrial proceses.

Fisair also has the official APPROVAL of large turbine manufacturers, such as Alstom and General Electric, meeting the most stringent standards, and providing the best quality products.

Fisair has its headquarters in Madrid, with several service locations in all countries to cover all the needs of our customers.
With a staff of over 60 people and 3 production plants, it has manufactured over 10,000 equipment units since its inception.

Design, raw materials warehouse, mechanical transformation, welding, paintshop, electrical assembly, functional and performance testing.

Problems Avoided by Humidity Control in Wind Turbine Preservation

What problems are caused by humidity?

1.- Corrosion increases expoentially in a marine environment.

. From 60% RH, the metal starts to deteriorate rapidly.
. At this level of RH% humidity, the salts dissolve, making the environment more aggressive.

2.- The most frequent problems are serious.

Humidity Control in the Wind Industry

The wind power industry faces a host of challenges in which the weather conditions and the surrounding environment impact directly on the quality and performance of aerogenerators.

A major problem is the presence of environments and conditions with excessive humidity levels, above the level of resistance of the materials with which one works.

The challenges posed by excess humidity in the wind power industry affect every stage of the value chain. From manufacturing quality to quality in storage and transit, as well as quality once the Installation is completed.

The most significant of these stages in the value chain are:

Storage and Transportation

Once the manufacturing process of the towers is complete, they are stored in spaces where they are exposed to adverse environmental conditions, in which they may stay for long periods of time until they are transported to their installation sites. These large metal structures undergo processes of corrosion from the first moment which need to be controlled to ensure quality standards.

Installation and Assembly

Both in the Installation and in the on-shore and off-shore assembly, the metal structures continue to be exposed to excessive humidity and the associated corrosive effect as during their storage and transport. Inside of the tower and gondola.


Among the problems associated with excessive humidity for the proper operating of aerogenerators throughout their useful life, the most significant are:

  • Acceleration of the corrosion processe of the components inside the gondola: generator, etc.
  • Degrading and errors of the electronic circuits inside the gondola and thus of the control systems.
  • The corrosive effect on off- shore assemblies is of critical importance, as the reduction of the structure’s useful life caused by the surrounding saline environment can be drastic.

An average estimated life of 20 years can be reduced to 5 years, that is, a quarter, unless the humidity inside the tower and gondola is regulated and controlled.

Salt and Humidity Prevention with a Combined Dehumidifier

Wind turbines have to operate in environments with high humidity in corrosive air. Manufacturers and operators face numerous problems.

Preventive Advantage with a Dehumidification System

The only really effective way to prevent humidity in gondolas and wind turbine towers at sea is by maintaining a positive pressure inside them.

The FISAIR dehumidification system is a combination dehumidifier that creates a dry inside gondolas and towers by maintaining this positive pressure, helping to keep the air dry. The system is equally effective in any marine environment.

The FISAIR overpressure system prevents many of the problems caused by air humidity in wind turbines at sea. Keeping the humidity of the air under total control.

Why Rely on Fisair for Wind Turbine Preservation

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