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Compact dehumidifiers

The compact solution


The compact dehumidifiers in our DFRB range are the best solution for obtaining the ideal air conditions for any type of installation. This is because their design minimises their size and their material, stainless steel, makes these dehumidifiers a high quality option.

The DFRB compact dehumidifiers incorporate a silica gel desiccant rotor with maximum performance in the retention of water vapour in the processed air flow. In addition, its rotation achieves a continuous and uniform drying.

DFRB compact dehumidifiers have great performance benefits such as heat recovery and high drying capacity. In addition, they absorb moisture from the air very effectively and without taking up a large amount of space.

DFRB deshumificador compacto | compact dehumidifier

Moisture in the air can slow down production processes by causing corrosion, condensation or even mould and altering the properties of the materials used. In addition, not having the right air conditions in certain storage and transport processes can cause the distribution chain to fail. At Fisair we are well aware of the needs of the industrial sector in order to improve these services. For this reason, we work to offer different solutions that adapt to each of our customers’ needs, with quality, efficiency and effectiveness always as a starting point.

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Features of the DFRB compact desiccant rotor air dehumidifiers:

    • Drying capacities from 0.5 to 4.2 kg/h (*) and dry air flow rates from 140 to 700 m3/h.
    • Compact stainless steel series, ready for operation.
    • Smart heaters.
    • Desiccant rotor with heat recovery sector.

Applications in different industries include:


Preservation of bridges and other metal structures


Bulk product transport and storage


Tyre manufacturing

The compact solution

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