Steam injection humidifiers

No condensates in the air


Fisair Diphusair FSH steam injection humidifiers are steam injection humidifiers designed to operate with pressurised steam from the boiler with double jacket tubes and steam separator.

Steam injection systems are decisive in the efficiency of this type of humidifier system, as having a poor quality system can result in water condensation that is evidence of poor design. At Fisair we are aware of this and for this reason our live steam jacket guarantees that, in the event of any dripping caused by condensation, this water immediately evaporates again.

We provide our customers with the best steam injection humidifiers in 100% stainless steel, which makes them ultra-durable equipment. In addition, we are committed to energy-efficient humidification systems that achieve maximum air humidification quality at the lowest possible energy cost. 

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At Fisair we have professionals who install our equipment as quickly as possible. Our humidifiers are guaranteed to have better control and greater capacity than other humidifiers on the market. In addition, they do not require water refilling operations, which makes them efficient devices at a technical level, but also simple and convenient for the user in terms of maintenance and operation.

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What are the advantages of Diphusair FSH steam injection humidifiers?

    • 100% stainless steel construction, virtually unlimited lifetime and hygienic applications.
    • Stainless steel centrifugal steam separator to separate dry steam from boiler steam.
    • Steam injection with jacketed pipes. The live steam jacket ensures that if any condensate drips out, it is immediately evaporated again.
    • The tubes have thermoplastic nozzles for injecting the dry steam.
    • Stainless steel manifold for perfect distribution of the steam to each injection tube.
    • Available for steam capacities > 1000 kg/h and for pressures up to 4 bar (g).
    • Absorption distances from +/- 300 mm.
    • Supported by the Fisair selection tool and its DLL.

Applications in different industries include:

No condensates in the air.

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