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Fisair USA is part of the Fisair group with its headquarters in Madrid, Spain.

Fisair USA Corp was incorporated in January of 2021. Fisair Canada Corp was Incorporated in May of 2023.

Since its inception into the US & Canadian markets, Fisair has gone from an underdog to becoming a top player in the Humidity Control arena. Whether your application requires adding humidity or removing humidity from the air – Fisair has the right equipment in Humidifiers, Dehumidifiers and Evaporative coolers to do the job.

With the ever-growing demand for electric vehicles – Fisair is a huge contributor to not only the promotion but also to the proper maintenance of Humidity control in Dry Rooms for the production of Lithium Batteries that power electric vehicles. Fisair has had tremendous success in delivering units that will power the future generation of electric vehicles for companies. When it comes to humidity control – thing big – think Fisair for all your Humidification and Dehumidification requirements.

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Antonio M. Vale
90 Canal Street, 4th Floor. Boston (MA) 02114. USA


Noor Naim
90 Canal Street, 4th Floor. Boston (MA) 02114. USA


Antonio Ramírez
405 Greenlawn Ave, Lansing, MI. USA

Air Humidity Control Products in USA

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Diphusair air humidifiers

Hygienic diphusair air humidifiers capable of high-precision relative humidity control of the air. Diphusair air humidifiers are easy, simple and very intuitive work. Air Humidity control products, with section-customized units, and more.

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DF air dehumidifiers

DF Air Dehumidifiers has a large number of industrial materials and processes require dry air. FISAIR also offers a wide range of equipment, condensing air dehumidifiers, for dehumidification and ventilation of swiming pools and industrial processes.

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HEF evaporative coolers

Dry air has a huge natural capacity for cooling by exchanging heat for water. Low energy consumption operating principle. The Fisair Selection Tool, for evaporative coolers it is a unique seleciton tool in the market.

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