Steam injection system

No condensates in the air


Steam inyection system is the most suitable solution for working with both pressureless and pressurised steam. It consists of an isothermal humidification by dispersion or injection of dry steam recommended for pressurised steam self-producing air humidifiers by means of resistances, electrodes or heat exchange, as well as for pressurised steam generators. It is also suitable for medium and high humidification loads, making it the perfect choice for use in high humidity conditions.

This type of steam inyection system has multiple advantages such as the ease of assembly “in-situ” and the quality of its materials, stainless steel tubes and thermoplastic nozzles that make its operating life practically unlimited. The absence of condensation inside the AHU means that all the steam injected is absorbed into the air, which means high efficiency with energy and water savings.

Among its applications, its use in hospitals, clean rooms and pharmaceutical warehouses stands out. In addition, it is worth noting that its use with the presence of batteries, fans, dampers and other objects under the humidifier has no risk of water condensation. It is a perfect solution for use in multiple installations and for various applications.

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Features of the MT2 steam injection system

    • Suitable for working with pressurized or unpressurized steam.
    • Constructed from 100 % stainless steel, with a virtually indefinite useful life and hygienic applications.
    • Double steam dispersion outlet for each dispersion pipe.
    • The pipes have thermoplastic nozzles to ensure only dry steam “without droplets” is injected/dispersed in the AHU.
    • Extremely short absorption distances (AHU humidification section of 350mm: depth of 200mm + 150mm absorption distance).
    • When operating with pressurized steam, a steam separator is not required, which reduces the plant footprint.
    • Easy to install and maintain.
    • Enables the manufacturers of air-handling units to provide end users with a complete humidification section that ensures no condensation occurs in the interior of the AHU.
    • The absence of condensation in the interior of the AHU means all the injected steam is absorbed in the air, and this achieves high efficiency with consequent energy and water savings.
    • Available for capacities > 1000 kg / h of steam and pressures of up to 4 bar (g).
    • Supported by the Fisair selection tool and its DLL.

Applications in different industries include:

No condensates in the air

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