Media pad Evaporative Humidifiers / Coolers with the highest performance on the market by high efficiency to low pressure drop and certified hygiene. HEF evaporative coolers

Features and main advantages:

    • Built completely out of AISI304 stainless steel, optionally AISI 316.
    • Media pads evaporative coolers has high efficiency / hygienic evaporative panel. Non-inflammable and inorganic.
    • Assembly without glue, which provides high saturation efficiency, very low pressure drop and a long operating life.
    • Operation with all kinds of water, including demineralised water.
    • Silver ions on the surface of the evaporative panel (anti-bacterial and protection against the formation of mould).
    • Standard cassettes of a limited size for maintenance and replacement purposes.
    • Media pads evaporative coolers has safe panel.  The panel has been analyzed in the LGAI labotatory to certity its non-flanmability, by means of the M0 rating currently A1.
    • Enables maintenance from all sides or from the front of the unit.
    • Easy and speedy assembly in the AHU by sliding in.
    • Polypropylene droplet separator certified in accordance with VDI 6022, setup for subsequent assembly when not selected in the unit.

Media Pads Evaporative Coolers HEF2E

The most hygienic and the most efficient

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