Contact panel evaporative coolers 

The most hygienic and the most efficient

HEF2E evaporative contact pad coolers are based on an energy-efficient operating principle, the natural principle of evaporation of water by an air stream as it happens in nature. The air passing through a sheet of water partially evaporates it, incorporating the water vapour into its mixture and, at the same time, it cools down as the energy required for evaporation is provided by the air itself.

This Fisair evaporative contact pad is mainly characterised by a stable composition of glass fibre sheets impregnated with additives that give it its absorption capacity without losing its stiffness. In addition, the panel is inorganic, i.e. it does not serve as a food source for bacteria and fungi, making it a highly hygienic panel. Durability and maintenance are also two strong points of these evaporative panels thanks to their structure and the way they are manufactured, with the insertion of sheets under pressure and without the use of any type of glue.

All these characteristics of the panel mean that we are dealing with contact panel evaporative coolers with excellent efficiency, hygiene and maintenance characteristics.

Media pads evaporative coolers | hef2e

In general, evaporative humidifiers are used wherever the moisture content of a ducted air stream is to be increased, and are very common in data centres, in the pre-cooling of intake air and in paint spray booths. They can also be used in the textile industry, graphic arts, woodworking and other hygroscopic products as well as in the food industry.

Features of the HEF2E contact pad evaporative coolers:

    • Complete construction in stainless steel AISI304, optional AISI 316.
    • High efficiency / hygienic evaporative panel. Non-combustible and inorganic.
    • Glueless mounting, allowing high saturation efficiency, very low pressure drop and very long operating life.
    • Works with all types of water, including demineralised water.
    • Silver ions on the surface of the evaporative pad (anti bacterial and for protection against fungal growth).
    • Reduced size standard cassettes for maintenance and replacement purposes.
    • Allows maintenance from the side or from the front of the unit.
    • Easy and quick mounting on the AHU by means of sliding.
    • Polypropylene droplet separator certified according to VDI 6022 ready for retrofitting, when not selected on the unit.
    • Complete water drainage to comply with hygiene regulations.
    • Certified according to VDI 6022.
    • Low operating costs.
    • Supported by Fisair selection tool and DLL.

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Applications in different industries include:

Centros de procesamiento de datos

Data centers


Pre-cooling of the intake air to engines


Paint booths

The most hygienic and the most efficient

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