Evaporative cooling

When evaporative cooling is applied to the combustion air inlets, it ser ves to reduce heat and improve engine efficiency by increasing air density. The increase in air density has the effect of increasing the specific mass flow rate through the engine, improving fuel effiency. Another effect is the reduction of nitrogen oxides emissions. Evaporative coolers are normally mounted downstream of the filter system, where the media is protected from the load of environmental pollutants, resulting in a long service life and a stable pressure loss.

The Fisair unit has been designed to provide maximum performance with minimal pressure loss. The air-water contact is achieved in a striated medium. The large fluted openings are positioned to create the maximum evaporation interface between the air and the wet surfaces. This allows the Fisair unit to operate with minimal pressure loss and negligible water drag.

The low pressure loss FISAIR humidification system is used to cool and humidify the air before entering the turbine. In this way, the air significantly increases its density, which causes an increase in the power generated in the turbine and a decrease in the fuel consumed, the cost of the megawatt hour generated and the total operating expenses.

Fisair evaporative cooling systems can produce an increase in the power generated from 10-15% in humid or tropical areas, to 25-30% in drier or desert areas.

Gas turbine, pre-cooling of the intake air to engines

On warmer days, when the required power is greater due to the increase in the loads in the cooling systems, the high air temperature leads to a lower density, and therefore less power generated in the turbine and greater consumption of air compressor. The warm and dry air is the one with the greatest moisture capacity, so with the FISAIR systems installed before the turbine enters, the power increase is greater at the times that are most needed.

The FISAIR system is totally safe and non-flammable, with the highest rating. It can be installed at the same time as the turbine or can be integrated into the installation later.

Customer benefits and main advantages:

  • Up to 30% of NOx gas emissions reduction.
  • More cost effective system to increase power.
  • Significant decrease in the cost of kWh.
  • System contrasted in many installations worldwide.
  • Co2 emission per kW of power reduction.
  • Lower installation, operation and maintenance costs than with other cooling techniques.
  • Considerable fuel savings.
  • Great profitability and short repayment periods.

Main advantage:

Improves gas turbine performance by 30%


Fisair is committed to a high quality product, which also includes the following services:

  • Equipment rental
  • Replacement parts
  • Technical assitance
  • Advice
  • Warranty extension
  • Training

Also includes the following scopes of application.

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