“Rely on Fisair for preventive maintenance of your humidity control units.

Our team of experts is at your disposal to help you.

    • Reliance on our equipment is a key element in ensuring the continuity of your production process, the protection of your assets or the health of the people inside your building.
    • The lack of a professional maintenance service, in humidity control systems, can generate high costs of energy consumption and repairs. That’s why it’s important to rely on specialists to ensure proper operation and cost control.
    • Hire a Fisair maintenance service and leave any incident in our hands so as not to stop your production at any time.
    • Preventive maintenance adapted to your needs. Fisair takes care of your humidity control equipment with customised programmes for each application and company.

  • Special discount of 10% on any type of spare parts.
  • Exclusive access to technical helpline.
  • Technical report with current status of the equipment. With recommendations for future action.
  • Priority response time for technical assistance in the field, less than 48 hours.
  • Personalised advice for the necessary improvements and upgrades to equipment..

“Maintenance is an essential investment that ensures optimal performance,
prolongs the lifetime and improves the energy efficiency of your system

It includes a technical review of critical components, cleaning and adjustment of equipment, identification/correction of potential problems before they occur and replacement of worn parts. In addition, you will receive a performance report detailing the condition of the equipment before and after service, as well as recommendations for optimising its operation.

Premium maintenance gives greater coverage and offers an additional visit from our technicians, according to your needs, priority response in less than 24 hours, spare parts included and additional information on the performance and current state of the equipment, allowing you to make decisions in advance, for its continuous improvement.



No. of visits 1 1+1*
Performance report Yes Yes
Advice on required improvements Yes Yes
Technical Assistance Response 48h 24h
Spare parts kit included No Yes

(*) Extra visit that can be used according to your needs (repair in case of breakdown, additional maintenance, etc.).

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