Humidity Control for the Dairy Industry: Guaranteed Quality and Freshness

We must give thanks to nature and, of course, the development of humanity for giving us dairy products. For 3200 years, since ancient civilizations, we have consumed cheese with pleasure. With the development of humanity, cheese, and other dairy products, have developed and grown in variety. Along the way, lots of  methods have been applied, many of which are still being used to this day. There are also many new methods being developed. This differs for each country, according to geological and cultural influences, each region has created its own way of producing. With Fisair dehumidifiers, we are offering the best solutions to our customers in all these different regions.

Dehumidifiers for Cheese Maturation

Being different in each region, conditions and results will vary according to the different origins of the milk and existence of bacteria.

The production process includes three main parts: preparation, salt bathing and maturation. Desiccant dehumidifiers are only necessary in the maturation process. Usually the maturation process is also divided into two different parts depending on the type of cheese:

Short maturation time – Fresh cheese

In this method, manufacturers finish the maturation phase between 12-36 hours. Fisair dehumidifiers are helping to bring these spaces to the required conditions: 15-18°C and 25-30%RH.

Prolonged maturation – Cured cheese

In this method, manufacturers finish the maturation phase between 3-12 months. Fisair dehumidifiers are helping to bring these spaces to the required conditions: 18-22°C and 25-30%RH.

Advantages of using Fisair dehumidifiers:

  • Shorter maturation periods: time can be halved.
  • Higher quality of products.
  • Prevention of fungi and bacterial growth.
  • Reduced weight loss.

How Dehumidifiers Work During Cheese Maturation

During the maturation period, the cheese loses any excess water. In general, products remain in the maturation room until this ends. With the Fisair DFLEX and DFRA series dehumidifiers, the room is dried to the optimum levels required by the cheese manufacturer. The operating principle of FISAIR dehumidifiers is based on a unique high-performance silica gel desiccant rotor that retains water vapour.

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Humidity Control for Product Storage.

After the maturation period, products are transferred to storage rooms where conditions are maintained at 2-3°C and 75%RH. In these storage rooms, both the products and the environment can be affected by the low temperature.
These effects are:

  • Snow/Ice formation and condensation occurrence.
  • Slippery floors.
  • Variations in the quality of each product.

With Fisair DFRIGO units, you can protect your cold rooms from all of these effects.

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Application References

Some outstanding references:

  • Groupe Bel 

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