Less is more: DFRIGO series

Less is more: DFRIGO series. Less ice, more safety and energy efficiency.

Units designed to reduce the humidity of refrigerated chambers or processes. Highly thermally insulated, robust design and energy efficiency leader in its field.

What problems do ice and condensation cause you?

    • Ice and water spills on the floor: These can lead, at the very least, to workers and FLT operators having to take great care to avoid slipping. This thus causes problems that impact on both safety and productivity.
    • Ice in the plastic curtains: This can cause them to break easily and what is more, turns them into razor sharp edges which could cause injuries to workers.
    • Ice on ceilings and walls: This can damage the rooms’ structure, leading to a loss in productivity as maintenance has to be carried out on their structure more frequently than would otherwise be needed.
    • Barcode readers will not work properly: Due to the ice and frost, it may be very difficult for these devices to read the barcodes of the products stored. This causes a serious loss in productivity for your business.
    • Doors jammed by ice: This hinders normal access and reduces productivity due to the time spent on repairs.
    • Ice in evaporators and components that are critical for the control or temperature in cold rooms: The ice that accumulates in them forces them to work below their optimum performance level, squandering energy and making you have to defrost the unit over and over again.

Less is more: DFRIGO series, do you know about the standard solution for icing and condensation?

Icing and condensation in cold rooms happens due to damp air leaking in. The most effective way to resolve this problem is to dry the air to prevent ice, condensation and mist from forming when this air gets into cold rooms.

Dehumidifying systems based on drying rotors can perform this task very effectively.

Do you know what makes the DFRIGO range unique in the fight against icing and condensation? Very simply…. Less is more: DFRIGO series

  1. Less energy for drying out the air, thanks to its exclusive system that combines a drying rotor and heat recovery unit.
  2. Less energy for moving the air, thanks to its EC-compliant ventilation technology.
  3. Less energy wastage, thanks to its cladding, which prevents a thermal bridge from forming.
  4. Less hassle with installation and maintenance, thanks to its integrated design and control.

Less ice, more economic benefits, enhanced safety for workers and more energy savings, which are beneficial for the environment.

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