Cassettes for HEF evaporative coolers

Don’t wait for your equipment to lose performance. Recover the efficiency lost over time by replacing worn out evaporative cassettes.

Update the evaporative panels in your units; thus recovering 100% of their water consumption efficiency and performance.

Consult our after-sales service to perform this service properly for you. We want to help you.

The advantages we offer:

  • Energy saving: Recovery of original process efficiency and reduced electric bills.
  • Greater durability: Prevents deterioration of other AHU components or equipment.
  • Lower water consumption: Less water consumption is required for the same capacity.

Fisair has a large number of cassette sizes available; for customised sizes, please contact

Also, it streamlines your budget!

So that we can help you, please include the rating plate located on the front of your device or scan its QR code.

Contact our experts for more information.

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