Hygiene since always

Delighted to share the news. We have just renewed the hygiene certificate according to a set of hygienic standards, including the VDI 6022 standard, for our HEF2E humidifiers or adiabatic coolers. The standard guarantees the following for our clients:

• Its use does not pose a risk to the users of the building or maintenance workers.
• Leaving equipment installed in an air conditioner for decades is not a hygiene problem in the future.
• Adiabatic humidification by contact panel is just as hygienic as atomization, but without the risk of aerosol carry-over and with a much lower purchase and operating cost since it does not require any water treatment.
• In some countries, such as Germany or Austria, this hygiene standard allows the use of these adiabatic humidifiers in high-level hygiene facilities such as hospitals.

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