We warmly welcome our HEF2E NS & MODULAR range

The evaporative cooler that solves energy consumption in large installations such as datacenters, air intake in large combustion engines such as gasturbines and in the cooling of large volumes (museums, industrial plants or industrial warehouses).

  • Very short length since the vapor adsorption is performed in the medium, i.e., no stainless-steel downstream sections are required.
  • Any type of water is valid. Great reduction in energy and chemical consumption in water treatment and maintenance processes. Great reduction in water consumption required in these water treatment processes.
  • Complete solution with plumbing, drainage and automatic control system.
  • Prefabricated solution for quick and easy on-site assembly.
  • Ceramic panel with a durability far superior to other evaporative materials on the market.
  • Design with the highest level of hygienic certification.
  • Unique delivery times due to previous engineering work.

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