Advantages of double rotor dry room dehumidifiers

More and more large manufacturers of electric cars or lithium batteries in the US or European regions are relying on Fisair and its double rotor technology with heat recovery.

Main Advantages DFLOW Series:

  • Low energy consumption
  • Faster time to reach the set point
  • High stability
  • Fast delivery time
  • Easy assembly
  • Available in CE and UL/CSA
  • Competitive pricing

References: CIC Energigune, UK BIC, Porsche, Solvay, Eli Lilly, Rivian

Service and Warranty

Fisair has a worldwide network of qualified engineers, designers and experts, all available to back up our standard 2-year or extended 5-year warranty.

Constructive characteristics DFLOW Series:

  • Coated steel casing to protect against corrosion and allow frequent cleaning. Level L1/CL1 air tightness according to EN1886/AHIR1350.
  • Double rotor to use the residual heat of the main rotor in the secondary rotor.
  • Dedicated rotor for external air drying for fast start-up and absolute stability even during the high load periods.
  • Heat recovery system by the main rotor purge.
  • Fast construction using prefabricated modules for short delivery time.
  • Plug fans with maximum efficiency motors and minimum SFP factor.
  • Fully modular, multi-source reactivation systems. Possibility of combining these sources for maximum usage of waste heat in the installation.
  • Control panel with BMS communication and graphic touch screens showing the status of each point. Remote communication option via Connect 360.
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