• Fisair with UNHCR

    Fisair with UNHCR

    More than 2.5 million people have fled Ukraine and another 1 million remain displaced inside the country. UNHCR is delivering emergency aid and basic necessities to people who have been forced to move from their homes to save their lives. At Fisair we are really concerned and we would like to do our bit, We

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  • Fisair increases production capacity in Europe

    Fisair increases production capacity in Europe

    In response to continued growth and projects in different investment sectors such as indoor air quality improvement, data centers, renewable energies, and electrification of the automotive industry, Fisair is increasing its facilities in Madrid by 2,800 m2. The project is in the final phase of municipal approval and the works will start this first quarter

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  • Advantages of double rotor dry room dehumidifiers

    Advantages of double rotor dry room dehumidifiers

    More and more large manufacturers of electric cars or lithium batteries in the US or European regions are relying on Fisair and its double rotor technology with heat recovery. Main Advantages DFLOW Series: Low energy consumption Faster time to reach the set point High stability Fast delivery time Easy assembly Available in CE and UL/CSA

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  • Reasons to work in Fisair

    Reasons to work in Fisair

    The name of our company, “Fisair”, comes from Physics of the Air. This name relates to the adsorption processes of our systems, which have no chemical exchange or deliquescent process. As a difference with other absorption processes, this one assures a long product’s service life. We are a group of professionals experienced in air humidity control

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  • Fisair supplies superheated water humidifiers for the Hospital del Salvador in Chile

    Fisair supplies superheated water humidifiers for the Hospital del Salvador in Chile

    Superheated water is an excellent fluid for use as a heat carrier. It is simple in design and execution, similar to hot water, does not present high pressure risks as the water evaporates in leaks and avoids the design of the plant steam condensate network. Its calorific value is high at the temperatures for which

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  • Fisair DLL

    Fisair DLL

    What it is a DLL? Dynamic-link library containing code, data and resources. Software prepared from us for your selection software. What it is the Fisair DLL used for? To size and price by yourself the Fisair humidifier that you generate in your own product’s selection software. This combination will generate quotations to your sales, technical

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  • Electric cars arrive and Fisair is helping

    Electric cars arrive and Fisair is helping

    Fisair is committed to contributing its knowledge, experience and values to the sustainable development goals and to achieve the change of the energy model. In the car industry, several complex projects references support a novel, efficient solution that achieves extremely dry air conditions. Connect 360⁰ is the connection platform between Fisair engineering and the user

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  • Education


    Education in the knowledge of how water vapor behaves in the air is one of our values that we offer to our clients. To make it easier, Fisair is investing in training spaces that are comfortable for exposing ideas and operating equipment that modifies air conditions. Likewise, Fisair is preparing the training through an online

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  • Fisair connected!

    Fisair connected!

    Following the recommendations of the Spanish government’s Ministry of Health, Fisair’s factories and offices in Madrid have activated its Prevention Protocol, which has given its workers the option to carry out their professional performance through telework, using all the necessary technical means that guarantee the continuity of the activity. Likewise, according to the recommendations of

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  • Fisair HEF2E inorganic wetted media vs. water spray systems

    Fisair HEF2E inorganic wetted media vs. water spray systems

    Previously inorganic media pad systems were perceived as non-hygienic. Predominantly this was due to the use of cellulose based adhesives and organic media. Fisair’s use of industry leading non glued inorganic media has led to the HEF2E systems being able to obtain the VDI6022 hygienic certification. Today we are delivering the most advanced adiabatic systems

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