Fisair connected!

Following the recommendations of the Spanish government’s Ministry of Health, Fisair’s factories and offices in Madrid have activated its Prevention Protocol, which has given its workers the option to carry out their professional performance through telework, using all the necessary technical means that guarantee the continuity of the activity. Likewise, according to the recommendations of the authorities, face-to-face meetings, both internal and with our clients, will be limited and virtual meetings will be promoted instead with the available technology (Skype, Microsoft Team or external platforms where we can be invited).

Congrats to our IT guys and staff for such a fast and big change.

We are grateful to all our clients, collaborators and suppliers who maintain the usual relationship with their main contacts in the firm, through email, telephone (preferably mobile) as well as by PBX.

Fisair’s production works today at 100% of its capacity and we are optimistic in a quick solution of the problem. Temperatures in Madrid today exceed 25 degrees celsius and our anti-virus secret weapon  (%RH) is going to help us again in non-humidified installations with infection rate decrease as buildings will turn off heating.

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