Reasons to work in Fisair

The name of our company, “Fisair”, comes from Physics of the Air. This name relates to the adsorption processes of our systems, which have no chemical exchange or deliquescent process. As a difference with other absorption processes, this one assures a long product’s service life.

We are a group of professionals experienced in air humidity control with more than 50 years of history with the presence in EMEA, North America, Latin America, and parts of Asia.

Our drives are the innovation in technical solution, the service to the customer and a serious commitment on quality in all our applications.

Since 2013 the Fisair group has been exponentially growing and establishing subsidiaries in many different countries. We have on hand a robust strategic plan for the next future.

Our strategy is oriented towards the sustainability of our environment. We take very seriously the implications that our decisions may affect future generations on the planet:


  • Evaporative cooling systems and the way in which we control the water that feeds them, help to optimize the performance of the building, and contribute to the certification of different quality systems in sustainability such as LEED and others. Even in areas of high heat and low water storage, evaporative cooling systems offer economical and energy efficient solutions for the design, construction, and maintenance of green buildings.


  • Desiccant rotor air dehumidification uses mostly heat energy for rotor reactivation. Our equipment is aimed at taking advantage of any residual heat that is generated in the installation, such as hot water from solar thermal energy, plant steam or excess gas in summer. The heat recovery systems integrated in the reactivation increase this effect.


  • Our application engineers work intensively with the sectors that are transforming society towards a society free of greenhouse emissions such as the energy or automotive sectors.


  • Our after-sales service team works constantly to avoid having to replace the equipment that was originally supplied from our plants. The robust and modular construction of our equipment means that with small adjustments and substitutions of modular parts, we can have equipment in operation that has been operating for more than 25 years. Preventive maintenance and its computer connection with our after-sales service is essential for this work.


  • Our purchasing strategy is oriented to buy locally having most of our suppliers near the factories and to do so from companies that respect the environment. The evaluation of our suppliers and the close collaboration with them helps to improve this aspect.
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