Fisair HEF2E inorganic wetted media vs. water spray systems

Previously inorganic media pad systems were perceived as non-hygienic. Predominantly this was due to the use of cellulose based adhesives and organic media.

Fisair’s use of industry leading non glued inorganic media has led to the HEF2E systems being able to obtain the VDI6022 hygienic certification. Today we are delivering the most advanced adiabatic systems across Europe, serving a wide range of applications. The water spray systems or ducts in air conditioners have the following advantages and disadvantages:

Disadvantages of water spray systems vs. Fisair HEF2E inorganic wetted media systems

  • High purchase cost. In many cases spray systems can be over twice the price for compressed air based systems and three times the price for high pressure systems
  • Additional Reverse Osmosis plant is required for high pressure systems
  • Increased costs due to inner section of the AHU / duct being required to be manufactured in stainless steel. AHU length is also increased due to a distance of at least 1.5 meters being required to allow the spray to be absorbed into the dry air steam.
  • Pneumatic systems offer comparatively high energy consumption, complex installation requirements and generate high noise levels.
  • High risk of droplet carryover with low water pressure atomization systems.

Fisair HEF2E advantages

  • VDI6022 hygienic certification. Already a requirement within several European counties.
  • Long life inorganic non glued media, with Silver ion impregnation for added protection against microorganisms.
  • Industry leading efficiency, with low air pressure drops.
  • All components certified for DIN-ISO 846.
  • Systems designed to achieve zero droplet carryover.
  • Low maintenance requirements. For easy service and cleaning the media packs are supplied in removable stainless steel cassettes, these can be removed from either the front or the sides of the unit.
  • Water flow regulators with visual indicators to allow straight forward set up.
  • Selection and sizing software with DLL available for OEM AHU Manufacturers.
  • Durable system design to achieve long operational lifespan.
  • Able to work with any types of water such as potable, deionized and RO water.
  • Competitive pricing and good delivery times.
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