Off-shore wind turbines

The wind power industry, particularly off-shore wind turbines, faces a host of challenges in which the weather conditions and the surrounding environment impact directly on the quality and performance of aerogenerators.

A major problem is the presence of environments and conditions with excessive humidity levels, above the level of resistance of the materials with which one works.

The challenges posed by excess humidity in off-shore wind turbines affect every stage of the value chain. From manufacturing quality to quality in storage and transit, as well as quality once the Installation is completed.

What problems are caused by humidity in off-shore wind turbines?

  1. Corrosion increases exponentially in a marine environment
  • From 60%RH, the metal starts to deteriorate rapidly.
  • At this level of RH% humidity, the salts dissolve, making the environment more aggressive.
  1. The most frequent problems are serious:
  • Condensation, freezing, corrosion
  • Short circuits and electronic faults
  • High costs of coatings

Fisair solutions


DF air dehumidifiers | FisairSpecial dehumidifiers to ensure a dry, corrosion-free environment in off-shore and on-shore aerogenerator gondolas and towers, both when they are operating and during storage, in transit and while being assembled.




DF air dehumidifiers | FisairThe Fisair Overpressure System is an advanced dehumidifier system, which helps to prevent corrosion from the outside air, which is humid and laden with salts that can enter nacelles and towers.



Preventive advantage

Great benefits can be achieved that make it possible to offer products with:

  • Better on-stream statistics and greater availability
  • Lower development costs and shorter time to market
  • Better control of the conditions and parameters of operation in the gondola and tower
  • Lower ISO 9223 corrosion classifications, reducing the costs of equipment, accessories and materials
  • A condensation-free environment, reducing the costs of surface coatings
  • Faster commissioning with zero faults
  • Full protection during periods of inactivity and shutdowns
  • Lower maintenance/service costs
  • Longer useful life
  • Safer working environment

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