Industrial Air Dying DFLEX. Desiccant dehumidifiers Modular & Flexible

In accordance with the latest technological advances, FISAIR industrial air drying base their operating principle on an exclusive high-performance silica gel desiccant rotor for the retention of water vapour.

Our industrial air drying are specially designed for easy installation, stable and continuous operation with minimim maintenance.

Our wide range of dehumidifiers provides solutions for industry and any applications where excess humidity is a problem.

The effective dehumidification of the process airflow is achieved by the high efficiency of the desiccant silica gel rotor which adsorbs molecules of water vapour, maintaning its performance even at low levels of ambient humidity.


    • Drying capacities from 51 to 152 kg/h (*) and dry air currents from 7.500 to 24.000 m3/h.
    • The highest drying capacity combined with enormous reliability.
    • Versatile range with a huge capacity of adaptation to specific requirements and wide variety of optionals.
    • Stainless steel construction.
    • Easily adaptable for use in conjunction with air-handling units.

Industrial Air Drying DFLEX series

Flexible range

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