There are many advantages to using dry air in the manufacturing and production processes involved with chocolate, sweets, and other confectionery: excellent product quality, increased production capacity and independence from external climatic conditions.

Outside of the winter season, the influence of moisture is very pronounced: drying cycles increase, packaging equipment gets stuck, products become sticky, etc. With the use of FISAIR dehumidifiers, all these problems can be eliminated or reduced by achieving the ideal environment in each of the different manufacturing processes and production areas.

Solution to humidity problems in the confectionery industry

Dehumidifiers for storage and pneumatic transport

Sugar, cocoa, starch, flavourings, and other raw materials are received in silos and hoppers. Condensation can form inside the silos due to temperature changes i.e. night/day, leading to bacteria, mould growth, clumping and bridging.

Fisair dehumidifiers can ensure the correct air conditions are maintained so that the product flows uniformly, aiding uninterrupted manufacturing, continuous production and a reduction in cleaning and maintenance costs.

The pre-drying of the air guarantees similar results in pneumatic transport, speeding up the whole process for maximum efficiency and cost effectiveness.

Coating process

Providing dry air to the coating process achieves better evaporation of water and improves the drying phase.  Production capacity remains constant throughout the year, instead of depending on external atmospheric conditions. A reduction in waste is achieved.

For all these reasons, manufacturing and maintenance costs are lowered.

Dehumidifier system for product drying

Traditional methods use heat and ventilation systems to dry products. This is at the mercy of environmental conditions which affect drying performance. Energy efficiency is low.

When Fisair equipment is installed high drying temperatures are avoided, and product properties are maintained. Drying processes remain stable, even at low temperatures, improving manufacturing efficiency.

Dehumidifiers for cooling tunnels

Low temperature cooling tunnels risk condensation, which can drip water over products inside the tunnel or form ice in cooling coils.

Installing a Fisair dehumidifier will lower the dew point inside the tunnel, thereby eliminating these issues, whilst allowing increased cooling. This helps products to solidify faster, reducing time spent in the tunnel, and as a result, improving production capacity.

Dry air injection for packaging process

La inyección de aire seco en las zonas de envasado:

The injection of dry air into the packaging areas reduces the downtime needed for cleaning of machinery jammed by deposits or attached products.

Product quality is improved by preventing products from sticking to the wrapper.

Humidity control for storage

Moisture control in storage areas prevents products from sticking together or absorbing excess moisture from the environment, and preserves product quality.

Example of what a dehumidifier does in the chocolate industry

A common problem in the handling  of chocolate is the effect called “chocolate crystallization”, which occurs when sugar crystallizes on the surface of the product due to condensation, or when the cold product is moved to another warmer area, leading to cocoa fat crystallizing on the surface.

With a FISAIR dehumidifier in the cooling chamber product quality and hygiene can be maintained, and condensation, crystallization problems, and wrapper softening can all be prevented.

The environment in the warehouse is controlled and verified daily, maintaining strict conditions of +5°C/55% RH. Under these conditions the product maintains its original quality and freshness, without any loss due to moisture.

Application References

Some outstanding references:

  • Haribo 
  • Cadbury 
  • Nestlé 
  • Damel 
  • Arcor 
  • Super de alimentos 
  • Chupa-Chups 
  • Mars 
  • Hispania 
  • Hermanos Juan López 
  • Ferrero 
  • Aldor 
  • Golosinas Trululu 

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