Moisture control on ice rinks

When we visit a sports facility, as both participants and spectators, we expect a comfortable atmosphere. Air humidity control is increasingly required in these types of facilities to achieve our expectations.

Without a doubt, ice skating rinks are the most demanding of these applications and therefore present us with the greatest challenge.

In these enclosed spaces, the use of a correctly sized desiccant rotor air dehumidifier can prevent the following common problems and reduce the energy consumption of the facility.

Source of the problem

The outside air that enters the building through infiltration, door opening and mechanical ventilation, has a dew point (condensation point) higher than the interior temperature, generating the phenomena indicated in the attached figure.


Solution: Dehumidification

The following table illustrates the environmental hygrometric conditions that avoid the problems stated.

The dehumidifier selected must have sufficient drying capacity to compensate for the excess moisture being created by the fresh air ventilation/infiltration, relative to environmental operating conditions.

Fisair has a long experience in environmental moisture control, with an extensive commercial network and after-sales technical support. For more information, feel free to contact us.

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