Dehumidification for Indoor Swimming Pools

When we visit a swimming pool we expect a warm atmosphere, without excess steam and condensation or a strong smell of chlorine. In short, we want a comfortable, pleasant atmosphere that invites us to relax and enjoy our swim.

Achieving this with maximum energy efficiency requires the best technology in both equipment and control. At FISAIR we are experts in integrating all of these elements into a reliable, effective, and efficient installation.

Humidity control is essential for correct climate control in a swimming pool.

Our extensive knowledge and experience allow us to offer a complete solution, from the design of the installation to its commissioning and the ongoing maintenance of the equipment.

Disadvantages of Not Having Proper Humidity Control in Indoor Pools

In swimming pools, spas, showers, and gyms where relative humidity is high and condensation is prevalent, water mist/fog can form and can affect the well-being of the occupants, and health problems can occur. This can also cause accelerated deterioration of the fabric of the building and any installed equipment.

Correct dehumidification of pools and spas is vital as exceeding required levels can cause water evaporation and cooling of the enclosures.

Indoor pools are multi-volume enclosures. The relative humidity inside these spaces cannot exceed 65%RH. Specific moisture control is required to comply with current regulations and to ensure durability of the facilities.

Why Choose Fisair for Dehumidifying Indoor Pools


has high quality equipment capable of dehumidifying the air inside these enclosures and providing the ventilation required, with technology based on the recovery of heat from the air and the heat given up in the process.

Our sales team will take care of the design and selection of the very latest, top quality equipment and give technical advice to engineering teams and installers. We can work to strict deadlines when required and provide a complete package of technical services depending on the client’s needs.

We have a wide range of service options:

  • Original spare parts
  • Standard Maintenance
  • Premium Maintenance
  • Expert Remote Web Connection
  • Telephone help line
  • Commissioning
  • Specialized courses
  • Advice on the maintenance of the facilities.

DFC Series Dehumidifiers

DFC corrosion-proof air dehumidifiers are designed to meet any requirements.

A superior solution is guaranteed with this equipment, as it offers not only significant heat recovery but also manages a high volume of demand.

It is built from robust materials, developed specifically to withstand the aggressive environments of pools, spas, and showers.

Low Ownership Cost for DFC Series

It is essential to consider the total lifecycle cost of the chosen solution and DFCs provide low lifecycle costs in the broadest sense.

Highly efficient heat recovery and low fan-specific power, combined with an optimized control strategy, contribute to cost effective operation and significant energy savings. Durable components ensure reliable operation and long life. All this results in long-term economic benefits and contributes to keeping costs low.

Isothermal Humidification for Steam Baths

Increasingly, gyms, leisure centres, hotels and spas have steam rooms or hammams. These rooms require steam-generating equipment that can be supplied by FISAIR. This equipment can also provide the signals and controls necessary for the ventilation and lighting of the enclosure as well as the essence pump generally used in these steam baths.

FISAIR has steam bath humidifiers among its products.

These high-quality humidifiers produce mineral free hygienic steam and provide durable, reliable and high performance service.

All units are made of high quality, corrosion resistant stainless steel and incorporate easily cleaned cylinders that protect the environment.

Application References

Among other notable references are:

  • Private swimming pools UAE 
  • Royal Family Palace UAE 
  • Private Villa Dammam 
  • Private Villa Alkhobar 
  • Alqadisaya Hotel Alkhobar 
  • Radison Blu hotel AlRiyad 
  • Private Palace Alhassa. 


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