Air humidity conditions play a vital role in the manufacture of textiles and fabrics as all materials used in the textile industry are highly sensitive to moisture. Optimal conditions range from 35 to 85% RH depending on the process and material in question.

Advantages of Humidity Control in the Textile Industry

Textile processing areas are generally heated by the machines within them, and by the absorption of the product itself. As the moisture content varies, the properties of the hygroscopic raw material varies with the following consequences:

  • If the yarn has a lower moisture content, this causes the textile material to be thinner and less elastic. This generates more friction and makes it prone to static electricity. It will warm up more easily, break more easily, and you will feel more imperfections on the surface of the fabric.
  • Higher static electricity requires a lower machine working speed.
  • Product weight loss reduces profit.

However, with the installation of a humidification system we can address these issues:

  • We can ensure better precision when cutting, and reliability during garment production. This ensures that the specifications required by customers are consistently met.
  • Humidification also reduces dust and lint, providing a healthier and more comfortable working environment.

For this type of installation, where internal sensitive loads are high, it is common to use adiabatic humidifiers. An adiabatic system has lower energy consumption, which benefits both finances and the environment. Also, by taking the heat from the air, it offers a cooling effect within the environment, reducing the temperature and improving the overall comfort of workers and visitors to the factory.

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Application References

Fisair has successfully supplied this type of humidification system to the largest textile industry business group, Inditex, for its central facilities in Arteixo, La Coruña (Spain).

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